E S Wagner Co

By: Bubbajunk.com

E.S. Wagner Company was founded in the year of 1947. E.S. Wagner has got diverse experience in the highway and heavy construction industry that makes it possible to undertake projects from both governmental and as well as private sectors.  

The E.S. Wagner Company supplies a unique combination of planning, project management, and total project development to provide sound, cost-effective solutions to meet the client needs. E.S. Wagner also maintains an experienced staff of professionals with engineering backgrounds who have the ability and understanding to take advantage of the latest technological advances. The vast experience of E.S. Wagner's management and construction team enables E.S. Wagner to consistently develop innovative solutions to the most challenging and difficult projects. Some projects includes highway construction, concrete paving, heavy structural concrete, earth moving & grading, site preparation, landfill construction and closure, lakeshore protection system and site development projects.  

One of the key elements to any successful construction project is selecting the right piece of equipment for the job and ensuring that all the equipment on a project is in top operating condition. The E.S. Wagner Company owns and maintains a large fleet of late model earthmoving and heavy construction equipment that is equipped with the latest technology available in the construction industry. E.S. Wagner's well maintained fleet of equipment, its commitment to using the latest technology available, and its staff of construction professionals all these factors makes the E.S. Wagner Company as a leader in the construction industry since 1947.  

E.S. Wagner Company provides good employment opportunity in their organization. Their salary and benefit program are according to the industry standards.  

Today the E S Wagner Co has expanded and grown to a highly respected, multi-million dollar highway and heavy construction company. Over the years, E.S. Wagner Company has become known for its innovative and creative solutions to those unusual, challenging, and extremely difficult projects. This innovation and carefully engineered approach gives E.S. Wagner the edge to consistently complete projects on time and within budget.