Empire District Electric Co

By: Bubbajunk.com

This investor-owned utility proves electric service to over 157,000 customers in southwest Missouri, southeast Kansas, northeast Oklahoma, and northwest Arkansas and is based in Joplin, Missouri. The Empire District Electric Company was founded in October 1909 as a part of Cities Services Company and also provides fiber optic and Internet services, customer information software services and has an investment in close tolerance, custom manufacturing, additionally providing water service in three incorporated communities in Missouri.

The companyÂâ€Ã¢„¢s end goal is to become the most respected supplier of energy and related services by getting complete knowledge of its customers base, their requirements and then working effectively as a team to exceed their expectations; all done while still providing increased value to its shareholders. To create a safe, challenging, and satisfying work environment, the company is aware that it has an immense social responsibility too, being stewards of the environment.

The electric service extended by this company is spread over a 10,000 square-mile area where it also provides utility technical training, instrumental in figuring Empire on the list on the New York Stock Exchange under EDE since 1946 since the company has continuously paid dividends since 1944. The company has Special or Excess Facilities rates available in four states where it can own, operate, provide and maintain on-site, dedicated distribution services to customers at attractive rates. Their equipment includes transformers, primary switching equipment, special metering and overhead/underground 12 KV lines. Empire also provides the most effective low cost commercial energy efficiency strategies of options of Ââ€Ã‹Ã…“turn offÂâ€Ã¢„¢ or Ââ€Ã‹Ã…“set backÂâ€Ã¢„¢ when not in use as automatic timers are used; mainly lighting, heating, and air conditioning are serviced through this.

Innovative implementation of Empire policies like improving the thermal characteristics of the building (such as reducing exterior glazing, using multi-pane exterior glazing, adding insulation, reducing unintended infiltration, etc.) to reduce the HVAC requirements of the building are helpful in the paybacks, which are longer than most strategies mentioned.

Apart from lighting up so many lives, Empire also offers a variety of metal halide and high pressure sodium outdoor lighting services in accordance with prices reviewed and approved by the utility regulatory commissions of the four states in which they provide electric service.