Frock Bros Trucking Inc


The company is based in New Oxford, Pennsylvania and specializes in customer service, on-time delivery and quality trucking transportation in the 48 contiguous American states and certain Canadian provinces. It came into business in 1982 and since then, Frock Bros. Trucking has grown in both size and reputation
Frock Bros. Trucking is confident of providing a consistently high level of customer satisfaction with their superior and timely service; they value the customer and his need for quality and the company understands that dependability is the most important issue while still being able to provide customers with flexible solutions. The company is based on the principle of complete customer satisfaction in all its services and takes extra care when delivering fragile products, such as glass breakables, refrigerated items, or produce, on time and on budget.
The company is driven by more than its work force: it strives for superior customer service and on-time deliveries as they believe in treating the customers as they would want to be treated, giving the best possible advantages available when using any of the services and their fleet. The company management works hard to nurture and sustain long-term relationships by doing everything for customers, both large and small and receive the highest level of competency and customer service from its professional staff of dispatchers, drivers, support personnel and mechanics.
Frock Bros. Trucking attributes the superior and sincere customer service they extend to all clients as the key to their success. Among the many flexible features offered to their customers are delivery anywhere in the continental United States, as well as specific Canadian provinces, well maintained equipment that guarantees that the load gets to where it is going without fear of breakdowns, a reliable team of dispatchers available round the clock; the company is indeed efficient and big enough to service all kinds of needs on short notice while still being flexible. It has a modern 12,000 square foot warehouse that accommodates temporary storage of material and also allows them to offer lower cost on LTL service to customers.
When all customers receive the highest level of competency and customer service from such professional staff of dispatchers and drivers, the result can only be the reality for which Frock Bros Trucking Inc. stands for: superior customer service and dependability ensuring safe, on-time deliveries at competitive rates.