Gerber Moving & Storage Inc


Gerber Moving & Storage (GMS), based in Kansas City, has been in operation for more than 80 years, GMS have served the Kansas City region since 1920. GMS have clientÂâ€Ã¢„¢s who has been with them for more than 60 years. GMS is not a brokerage company and it does not work with brokers.  

Arthur Gerber, founder of GMS was a grocery store owner with a truck used to haul and deliver his goods. By continually requesting his customers for use of his truck to move various items and the request becoming more and more frequent, he began charging a small fee for his truck and his own time. Before long Arthur was out of the grocery business and concentrated more on the moving business. Word of mouth was the business strategy with quality of service. Arthur Gerber started Gerber Moving and Storage as a response to community needs and later his son, Arnold Gerber took over the business.  

Gerber Moving & Storage Inc. is a full service moving company serving the entire Kansas City area. GMS will pack and move anywhere in the states and international moves. For storage, GMS gives modern containerized storage facility for temporary and long term storage. For storage material, GMS select the right, industry-standard boxes, cartons for each item, and protect each item with appropriate packing materials which means GMS provide services as per requirement of customers.  

GMS Freight Services is the backbone of business that provides nationwide business-to-business distribution services. When a new restaurant is under construction, customers count on GMS Freight to deliver kitchen equipment, dining room furnishings, and more. GMS trucks, vans, and drivers provide shipping, trucking, and freight handling services for commercial shippers.  

Gerber Moving and Storage is a family owned business that takes pride in every move it makes. GSM is the ultimate solution for moving and for storage.