GSC Enterprises Inc


At the start of the year 1947, Ken McKenzie, Curtis McKenzie and Woodrow Brittain founded the Grocery Supply Company which began with providing products and reliable service while building trust and confidence. Within a few years, GSC began to outgrow the warehouse in Mt. Vernon as their customers renewed their faith by doubling the return business and by 1953, the three partners began expanding. By 1965, after 14 expansions, GSC further expanded and is now at a 42,000 square feet of space in Sulphur Springs, Texas.

GSC Enterprises, Inc. today operates four divisions, namely GSC Sulphur Springs, GSC San Antonio, GSC Southeast and Fidelity Express Money Orders. The grocery distribution division continues to operate under the Grocery Supply Company name and serves over a quarter of the country including Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Missouri, New Mexico, Tennessee and Texas. The work force within all the companies is what binds the organization together; their awareness of customer needs that has helped direct many areas of its growth. Based on their recommendations, GSC has acquired or developed new businesses to help meet and exceed customer expectations.

The current position of GSC can be judged by the figures it consists of; the company employs over 2,000 people and serves more than 15,000 independently-owned supermarkets, convenience stores, wholesale houses, discount centers and other retailers who may want special quantities or specific hard-to-find items. All GSC deliveries are coordinated and confirmed electronically as the company has evolved with the times and has an advanced understanding of EDI/ technology needs of today's retailers and moved forward to invest in the people and equipment to address their cost savings and control needs. The IBM mainframe, one of the largest processors commercially available, is located in Sulphur Springs and networked with GSC distribution and service facilities.

A combination of customer service, professionalism, advanced technology coupled with fair prices is the tag carried by the Grocery Supply Company which treats all its customers and their needs as those of an extended family: in a personalized, individually structured and courteous way, each time they conduct business.