Kentucky Utilities


Kentucky Utilities Company (KU) is a regulated electric utility which is based in Lexington, Kentucky and serves customers in 77 Kentucky counties and five counties in Virginia (under the name Old Dominion Power - ODP). The company started its business operations in the winter of 1912. Changes were on the cards for the company as in 1998, KU's parent company, KU Energy, was acquired by LG&E Energy  which owned neighboring utility, Louisville Gas and Electric Company. This acquisition along with a 25-year lease agreement with Big Rivers Electric doubled the size of LG&E Energy. Then, UK-based Powergen bought LG&E Energy in 2000and in 2001, Powergen agreed to be acquired by Germany's E.ON. The deal was completed in 2002. In 2003, E.ON transferred LG&E Energy from Powergen to another subsidiary, E.ON US Holdings.

KU currently serves 485,253 electric customers in Kentucky while ODP serves 29,730 electric customers in Virginia so now KU is a wholly-owned subsidiary of E.ON U.S. LLC, a diversified energy services company and also the world's largest investor-owned utility company. KU's service area covers 6,600 noncontiguous square miles with a total generation capacity is 4,570 megawatts.

The company has a free ABC (Automatic Bank Club) program which it saves them time and money every month; especially beneficial for contractors or subcontractors for construction and/or renovation projects as the company will coordinate their utility connections in the most cost-efficient manner. At the same time, they may also recommend new techniques and technologies for improving energy efficiency of the said buildings.
For assistance in modifying electrical power supply on the service panel (for example, power factor correction, transfer switches and uninterruptible power supply), the staff helps identify the most cost-efficient means of achieving optimal power supply to all equipment, departments and offices. In case customers require generators for emergency or standby reasons, the company lends assistance at all stages; from assessment of the appropriate generator to installation with its power supply and their power usage.

A novel and convenient feature that the company has recently extended to its customers is the Summary Billing service for those having multiple meters and facilities resulting in multiple bills; this reduces paperwork while all meter/energy information is consolidated and itemized in one bill. The most attractive feature- its simple and free.