Kirk Nationalease Co


This is a privately owned, full-service truck leasing and maintenance company that provides long-term leases for trucks, tractors and trailers and has been servicing the industries in the Northeastern Midwest region of the US for more than 30 years. Kirk NationaLease currently has 32 shops located in 10 states and owns more than 3000 pieces of equipment with 1000 maintenance contract customers.  

The efficient sales force of the company work to fit customers with the right equipment at the right price to keep their business profitable. Lease agreements with this company can provide the advantages of operating new and late model equipment without the hassles of ownership. (Maintenance, permitting and fuel tax reporting) Kirk is also a member of the NationaLease group; a nationwide affiliation of vendors ensuring that as their customer, one is never alone on the road. All maintenance costs are included in a Full Service Lease agreement with Kirk NationaLease as well as trip reporting, licensing and fuel tax due to which most customer assumed risks are minimized as causes for customer liability may include driver error, recklessness, and accidents.  

The company offers fully customized vehicles according to customer specifications, complete financing and licensing, fuel tax reporting, local service facility(s), timely service, full service maintenance, tire repair/replacement as part of its 24 hour break-down service which covers vehicle washing and cleaning, provision of a substitute vehicle(s) and reduced rental rates. The companyÂâ€Ã¢„¢s break-down service provides nationwide assistance to drivers 24 hours a day through the year  and its break down coverage relies upon the NationaLease network 500strong affiliates nationwide in addition to fuel, tire, parts and service vendors that it has formed a partnership with over the years.

Kirk NationaLease also offers short-term equipment rental agreements to its customers for commercially built tractors, straight trucks, city vans for cargo and refrigerated units with complete maintenance services; a feature that helps it along in its business to securing its ambition of being a single source solution for all transport equipment leasing.