Northwest Pump & Equipment Co.


Northwest Pump & Equipment was established in 1959. Northwest Pump & Equipment has branches in Portland, Seattle and Spokane. The following three decades providing excellent and tremendous service to customers in the Pacific Northwest, the company added branches in Honolulu and Anchorage in the year of 1990.

A grouping in 2000 with Shaw & Little, Inc added branches in San Diego and Phoenix. From then, six new branches have been opened to better supply growing populations in California, Nevada and Washington. Northwest Pump & Equipment Co. branches are located in Burbank, Sacramento, Fresno and Fremont, CA; Las Vegas, NV and Kennewick, WA. Additionally to the cities and states listed, Northwest Pump also provides customers in Baja, Mexico, British Columbia, northern Idaho and western Montana.

Northwest Pump is dedicated to providing the highest quality products and best service in all of their businesses. The company is selective about the lines, they choose to represent and to successfully manage or business. Northwest Pump & Equipment operate in four distinct divisions: Petroleum Equipment Sales, Industrial Equipment Sales, Car Wash Sales and Service.

The Petroleum Equipment Co. Sales division offers their complete line of products from all their branches and the products available include best service station and business pump equipment; underground (UST) and above ground (AST) storage tanks; bulk petroleum pumps and meters; valves and fittings; fiberglass and polyethylene pipe; electronic point- of- sale terminals, card lock systems; tank gauging equipment; lubrication equipment; lighting; compressors and lifts; security systems and emergency response spill sorbets and kits.

Northwest Pump Equipment Co. strives to be the best distributor in each of their markets in marketing, sales and service and it also their goal and objective to be the most respected distributor in the country by their customers, suppliers and employees and company dream is to provide best services and quality product to their customer.