31-W Insulation Co

By: Bubbajunk.com

This insulation company serves contractors in the residential and commercial fields and also the individual. 31-W Insulation represents the most efficient and effective level of service and products as it offers insulation, fireplaces, gutters siding, shelving, garage doors, foam (block and interior walls) and basement waterproofing.  

The company began in 1972 in Millersville, Tennessee under family ownership; a tradition that is still in place in the business. When it started, it operated from two locations- Goodlettsville, Tennessee and Clarksville, Tennessee. As it has been in the business for over 29 years, steadily it has grown into the second largest insulation company in the southeastern United Sates and presently has nearly 40 locations in 12 states, employing over 600 people who are self sufficient in almost every aspect of its operation, including the handling of 31-W InsulationÂâ€Ã¢„¢s own truck fleet for distribution of product from the manufactures to all of its locations.  

Apart from the location at Tennessee, the company business is also spread over areas in Kentucky, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Missouri, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Texas. The company is well equipped with manpower and specialized equipment to oversee all customer needs in any kind of construction project, offering many solutions from top name brands in their line up which are high quality and still in keeping within the project budget.

Space conditioning like heating and cooling takes up more than half the energy used in the average American home; of which 20% goes for heating water. The lighting and appliances and extras account for only 10 to 30% of the energy used in most residences.  So, the company advocates that it can help customers save even more on energy costs if the amount of energy needed for heating and cooling is reduced instead of just turning off lights and appliances when not needed. A home should be constructed with special attention to energy efficiency and then adding insulation will probably reduce utility bills. Many of the present housing stock in the United States is not insulated to the optimum level and older homes are more likely to consume energy than newer homes which leads to very high heating and air conditioning bills.  

Adding insulation adds life and value to the building and one can continue to save money for as long as the ownership of the home is present and thereby increase the resale value of the house as well; thus, proper and effective Insulation protects the building and the user.