Continental Conveyer & Equip Co.


Continental Conveyer & Equip Co. product line dates back to 1936 with the formation of the Industrial Division of the Continental Gin Company. Conveyor products were manufactured under the Continental Gin Company in expectation of 1959 when several employees bought the Industrial Division and moved it to their present location in Winfield, Alabama. Continental Conveyor & Equipment Company was formed and started operations in Winfield on December 15 of that same year and they started to provide customerÂâ€Ã¢„¢s needs with quality services and equipment.
Presently company still operates with the same sound philosophy and dependability that created their proud record. The company is totally dedicated and committed to responding to the changes in the markets they serve and to the needs of their customers. The company always has, and will continue to meet these needs with intelligence in product design and application with a dedication to service that is unequalled in their industry.
From the year 1980, the Continental HAC (High Angle Conveyor) has proven itself to be a versatile and money saving method for inspiring or lowering materials continuously from one level to another at tremendously steep angles. The HAC has been successfully used in a variety of applications, assigning a large range of materials which have included coal, gravel, wood chips, copper ore, gypsum, slag, excavated silts, sands, clay, grains, refuse, municipal sludge and among other materials. Presently, throughput rates range of the company is started from 0.30 to over 4,400 tons per hour. Conveying profiles and elevating heights have included every feasible possibility. The Continental HAC has made high angle, high volume productivity an every day reality. In fact, the savings gained using HAC technology in place of other systems has totaled millions of dollars, to date and the savings continue to develop continuously.

The logical evolution of the sandwich-belt concept; The Continental  HAC has taken the sandwich belt concept and turned it into a highly consistent materials handling workhorse the result of specific engineering breakthroughs. One of the secrets to the high performance capabilities of the Continental HAC technology is its use of proprietary, patented, pressing components which guarantee to easy transport of all types of bulk solids.

Continental Conveyor's Winfield, Alabama factory and Salyersville, Kentucky factory are both ISO 9001:2000 Certified.