General Heating & Air Conditionins.


General Heating & Air Conditionins was established in 1949. The company dedicated and committed individuals formed a business partnership to provide repair and maintenance of oil-fired furnaces and boilers to customer. Company is offering design, installation and maintenance of complex and sophisticated HVAC systems. Additionally company has complete mechanical piping and industrial sheet metal capabilities from last so many years they has emerged as the premier mechanical contractor in south-central Wisconsin. General incorporated in 1963.  

General became a completely owned subsidiary of the Hooper Corporation and successful in January 1, 1994,. Hooper is an employee shareholder-owned diversified specialty contracting company offering services in the areas of electric power, plumbing, power / process piping and custom fabricated metals. Hooper, also located in Madison, has been in business from 1913 and enjoys a long-standing reputation for quality and reliability throughout Wisconsin and adjoining states. General actively chases business throughout the state of Wisconsin. In addition a selective basis has successfully accomplished projects in Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois and Indiana.  

Most of the building owners and managers were content to meet the service and maintenance needs of their mechanical systems with in-house personnel. The changing technologies, increased in-house staffing costs and the need for responsive specialized service have prompted many owners to turn to General Heating and Air Conditioning. The service and maintenance requirements of building change from others; General Offers a number of Planned Service options and customizes a program to congregate the needs, taking into account equipment types, applications and budget. Radio dispatched, fully equipped service vehicles are stocked with a large parts inventory. It means customer get fast, dependable service whenever they need it.

Company is interested in a Planned Full Maintenance contract that includes scheduled preventative maintenance as well as any unscheduled emergency service work for a guaranteed yearly fee. Customer may choose a Planned Inspection contract, which provides routine checks as well as efficiency tune-ups and lubrications of equipment.

General's service technicians are well schooled in environmental concerns which are equipped to handle refrigerant recovery and recycling, and can integrate this service into customer program.

Customers has a Planned Service Full Maintenance contract enjoy fewer breakdowns, lower energy costs, longer system life and priority service during peak load times. General Heating and Air Conditioning delivers the responsive service performance that nowadays businesses require.