Glenn McClendon Trucking Co Inc.


Glenn McClendon Trucking Co Inc is a leading van TL carrier that emphasizes on time sensitive transportation services with dedicated equipment and full range of Logistics capabilities they are ale to achieve their goal over an area that extends throughout 26 states in the eastern United States.

McClendon has a dedicated and experiences teams of people who know the value of listening to the customer, who care, are honest give you direct answers.  The company understand that your reputation rides on the quality and consistency of its transportation services. From 24 /7 Load Planning Dept. and CSRÂâ€Ã¢„¢s to the driver - McClendon strives and is committed to delivering 100% team effort every day.

At McClendon equipment is always in top condition, and constantly update. The company strives to improve the fleet and equipment in keeping with the highest standards of the industry. Dependable equipment is always at the heart of McClendon's promise to deliver. Treating the customer like a professional and making him feel a part of the family is what it's all about at McClendon. They operate in 26 eastern states and service the Fortune 500, as well as many other premiere companies. The highly skilled staff and advanced computerized systems enable them to efficiently dispatch loads, thus minimizing down time and insuring optimal utilization of your time on the road.

The company has a different approach to your individual needs such as; a customized solution that fits your requirements and needs, removal of the regulatory costs, superior service levels in addressing surges in your seasonal freight patterns, reduced incremental investments in transportation, training, and personnel, the assurance of seasoned, veteran drivers who are permanently assigned and get to know your business requirements, and representatives who are trained in the fine art of listening to your requirements.

McClendon has delivered time-sensitive freight on time for the past 63 years. Technology is now a significant tool the company cannot do without, so you can rest assured that the companyÂâ€Ã¢„¢s employees are the people are the key ingredient that makes the difference.