Grocery Haulers Inc.


Grocery Haulers is the exclusive provider of trucking services to Path Mark Supermarkets and Key Food Stores.  They also provide certain trucking services to Waldbaum's Supermarkets.  With long term contracts with customers, Grocery Haulers is positioned to be a major provider of trucking services in the New York/New Jersey/Philadelphia metropolitan area.

Grocery Haulers operates with various start times. Grocery Haulers and its affiliates are a group of privately held companies engaged in a variety of trucking, distribution and manufacturing businesses servicing the food industry.  Grocery Haulers and its affiliates currently operate out of three locations in New Jersey and two manufacturing facilities, including a biscuit and cookie factory in the Netherlands. In addition the company has an owner/operator fleet in South Kearny, N.J., terminal and are actively seeking more owner/operators for that location.

Grocery Haulers has a unique pay-by-the-load compensation system that affords their drivers the ability to control their earnings.  The CompanyÂâ€Ã¢„¢s system is based on the driverÂâ€Ã¢„¢s furthest point traveled from the starting terminal and includes pay components based on the number of stops, detention time, live unloads versus drops, and trailer moves at store locations.  In addition, we do backhauls from vendor locations to our warehouses, affording additional earnings potential. The drivers average 2.5 loads per day, as all of the work is local. The Company drivers are home every night.

Grocery haulers are a company that is dedicated to the trucking industry as a whole. That all who are included n the industry, the Customer as well as the employees of the company. With a hoast of benefits offered to the employees the company ensures that the employees are always satisfied, thus passing on that satisfaction to the customer in the form of quality service.