Ira D Conklin & Sons Inc.


Ira D. Conklin & Son started in 1932; the majority of daily business has been associated with Underground and Aboveground Storage Tank installation, removal, maintenance, service and corrective action for the petroleum industry.

The company is comprised of four main divisions: Pump and tank Installation, Fuel Dispensing Service, Petroleum and Industrial Equipment Sales and Environmental Services & Waste Handling.

Ira D. Conklin & Son Inc. is full service petroleum and environmental organization and they take-charge company staffed with experienced, qualified professionals, to get the challenges of governmental, industrial and residential concerns. Company provides fully equipped and staffed to meet customer concerns, large or small and also provide safe, top quality, cost effective solutions for environmental, petroleum and construction needs. Ira D. Conklin & Sons has a keen sense for keeping their customers best interest in mind while working closely with regulatory agencies. Company makes sure all situations are handled efficiently, effectively and economically in accordance with all suitable system.

The company has licensed, permitted and insured to transport waste and remedial materials and own the necessary equipment to handle any size job quickly, efficiently and expertly. Company gives the safety and training to their employees. All field personnel are 40 hour OSHA trained, and all service technicians are factory trained and certified.

IDC is the distributor for all of the better brands of equipment and their store on premises, sells over the counter products such as pumps, price signs, nozzles, hoses, absorbent materials, safety equipment, compressors, tools and many other items. Company has emergency response 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Pump and Tank Installation and Removal Whether customer constructing a complete fueling center, or just placing a new pump, Ira D. Conklin & Sons maintains an experienced, factory trained staff to install underground tanks, either as replacements or as an enlargement of customer existing facility.

Ira D. Conklin & Sons also installs complete underground systems with special capabilities in the Federal and State required vapor recovery systems and installs fuel oil tanks with leak monitoring systems and auto inventory remotes located though phone modems.

Ira D. Conklin & Sons staff includes hydro geologists, engineers, geologists, insurance specialists and scientists with experience in evaluation of and successfully remediation of soil and groundwater contamination.