J C Produce Inc.

By: Bubbajunk.com

J C Produce was established in 1980 in Sacramento, J C Produce has built its reputation as a leader in distribution from its inception. The company has develop with the industry to become the primary independent statewide distributor of fresh produce and other perishables in California, with facilities in Sacramento, Fresno, Hayward, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, San Diego, Oxnard and San Jose. The company has maintained its core values, adhering to a set of high standards and setting the standards for others.

The company provides Customized fresh distribution like; Cost Control, Statewide Distribution Strength, Customized Innovative Programs, Speakers/Workshops/Training and Meeting rooms are available. Innovative technology Information technology, Website, E-fresh, Quarterly business reviews, Ordering, Online order entry, Fax ordering, Phone ordering, Additional information services, Fresh tips and x-files - weekly market reports.

J C Produce Inc. maintains excellent food safety and security standards during every step of the distribution process. The company place an order with their growers until it is delivered to customer, their staff focuses on keeping their food safe and Safety Committee meets regularly to review their safety standards and oversees the following programs Food safety & security: Procurement Sources, Cold Chain, Security, Secure monitored facilities, Current with anti-terrorism regulations, Sanitation, ASI Certified, Current with food safety requirements. Recall Program: HACCP Program.

JC Produce is designed to assist multi-unit accounts manage their fresh products as efficiently as possible and  Pro Act to online ordering to quarterly reviews and beyond, company has rationalized every department in their business to meet the needs of customer business.  Company will continuously calculate customer operation at both the corporate and unit levels and customize programs to help them achieve their goals and objective.

JC Produce constantly develops new, innovative ways to improve their service to their customers through state of the art information technology and management and staff is challenged to think outside the box and find ways to meet the special needs of their multi-unit accounts, making them recognized leader in innovative technology. In addition distribution services: Road net, Comet tracker, Fresh loc, Nextel and Code labeling.