Jensen Drilling Co Inc


Jensen Drilling was started in 1966 by John J. Jensen and was previously employed by the Bureau of Public Roads in Vancouver District. Mr. Jensen was actively involved with couple of first installations of horizontal drains in the United States.  

Jensen Drilling have fourteen horizontal drain drill rigs, which continues to employ new and innovative technology resulting in the most effective and productive machines made for this type of drilling.  

With the ability to build drill rigs, Jensen Drilling extensive experience drilling in various geological formations across the United States as well as different parts of the world has resulted in the development of techniques and tools that can be employed to overcome problems in virtually any formation. Jensen DrillingÂâ€Ã¢„¢s first project was of 14,000 feet and now it installs around 700,000 feet.  

With Horizontal drains as its expertise, Jensen Drilling also drill and install de-watering wells, tie backs, rock bolts, soil nails, as well as pressure grouting, core drilling, and various other types of drilling. Jensen DrillingÂâ€Ã¢„¢s edge over competitors has been the ability to design and manufacture drilling equipment and components to meet specific needs. Jensen Drilling specially designed products are used in drilling operations as well as sold nationally.  

Subsurface water may act in any number of ways to reduce the stability of cuts and embankments and these are decreased in cohesion, subsurface erosion, lateral pressure in fractures and joints, and excess pore water pressure. Out of many, one way of removing subsurface water is through the use of horizontal drains, where holes are drilled into an embankment or cut slope and cased with a slotted plastic PVC pipe.  

Jensen Drilling provides total drilling service such as Dewatering-JDC which was designed for dewatering systems utilizing ejection and well point systems. In well-point systems, Jensen Drilling jet or drill the well points, install the headers, pumps and discharge lines.  

Jensen Drilling engineers and field experts are best in the industry and provide comprehensive planning services for all clients.