John H Frischkorn Jr.


Frischkorn provides major industries with pipe, valves, & fittings, as well as a comprehensive line of Pipe, Fittings and Valves, Process Instrumentation, Control Valves, Coatings and Technical Chemical Products and Sealing Devices.
Frischkorn, Inc. has been making a name for themselves from last 50 years. The company takes special pride in their capability to competitively deliver the highest and best quality products and services to their customers. Frischkorn keeps its customers up to date with information about the latest products and processes offered by the manufacturers. Their representatives stay on the leading edge of industry improvements by attending manufacturerÂâ€Ã¢„¢s schools on a regular basis and strategically located branches give their customers access to large and various inventory.
Among the products that the company provides are; Control Valves: Metal & Soft Seated Ball, Butterfly, Segment, & Globe Control Valves. Actuators; Digital, Electro-Pneumatic, & Pneumatic Valve Controllers, Automated On/Off Valves, Metal & Soft Seated Ball & Butterfly Valves, PFA-Teflon & Eastover-Lined Butterfly Valves, Actuators & Accessories, Special Service Valves, Transmitter Isolation Valves. Rupture Pin Pressure Relief Devices, Solenoid Valves. Pressure Regulating Valves, Magnetostrictive, Radar, Ultrasonic, Laser, RF Capacitance, Electro- Mechanical, Differential Pressure, Displacer, Hydrostatic, Point, Capacitance, Vibrating Forks, Ultrasonic, Thermal Dispersion, Hydrostatic, and Float-Type.  Flow: Electromagnetic, Vortex, Coriolis Mass, Ultrasonic, Thermal Dispersion, Paddle Wheel, Positive Displacement. Pressure & Differential Pressure Transducers & Transmitters. Recorders & Data Acquisition Systems: Paper or Video graphic. Continuous or Multipoint. Multicolor with or without Control Capabilities (PID). Network Capabilities. Limit Switches, Position Transmitters, & Networking for Automated On/Off & Control Valves. PID and Batch Controllers, Field Instruments, Flow Computers, Totalizes & Rate Indicators, Mass Flow Computers, BTU Computers, Enclosures.

The company also provides Analytical Equipment & Monitors like; Gas Monitors: Catalytic, Electrochemical, & Infrared Sensors Monitor Against Threat of Toxic & Combustible Gases & Oxygen Deficiency. Analytical Instrumentation: Oxygen Analyzers. pH, Conductivity, ORP Transmitters & Controllers. Gas Density & Dissolved Oxygen Systems.

Miscellaneous Control Equipment: Microwave, Shear Force, & Optical Consistency Transmitters: Orifice Plates & Flanges, Meter Runs, Flow Nozzles, Venturis, Straightening Vanes, Condensate Chambers. Electrical Heat Tracing: Constant Wattage or Self-Limiting: Heat Blankets, Temperature Transmitters, RTDÂâ€Ã¢„¢s, Thermocouples, & Thermo wells,  I/P, P/I, & E/P Transducers, Relays, Diaphragm Air Cylinders, Gauges, Thermometers, Diaphragm Seals, & Regulators.