Lineco Equipment Leasing Inc


Lineco is an established and renowned company which is well known in the utility and industrial areas as it offers a wide variety of well-maintained equipment and it can make these available to their clients on very flexible lease and rental terms.

Electric utilities and such like, in the industry, can augment their fleets and streamline their inventories of state of the art utility equipment by leasing or renting equipment cost-effectively through Lineco Equipment Leasing Inc. which always has something effective for every one of its customers to satisfy their leasing or renting needs at any time.

The Lineco equipment can be made available to customers by the day, week, month or year which is a great advantage that clients realize too as it provides them with versatility. A special project no longer means a long equipment search, lengthy lease terms and large capital tie-ups because here is a company that is more than likely to have what  customers may need - at reasonable rates and for  whatever length of time they may need it. All the equipment possessed by Lineco is kept up to date and in top of the line condition as it is chosen with a lot of forethought and maintained by utility construction experts. This goes a long way in ensuring that it is kept well and gives complete satisfaction to the customer who can always expect it to perform to the demanding utility industry standards. Lineco has its own In-house service facilities and regular maintenance which is what keeps its equipment ready for the job-site.

The companyÂâ€Ã¢„¢s major product line includes Derrick Diggers, Pressure Diggers, Bucket Trucks and 40 ft. - 90 ft., Wire Stringing Equipment, Line Trucks and Boom Trucks apart from a wide range of additional equipment which is kept in stock. Customers are welcome to call for checking the availability and type of the equipment they feel they may require and are guaranteed precise information and excellent customer service extended to fulfill their needs.