Manke Lumber Co Inc


Manke has created a reputation in timber Products Company. The company and its subsidiary, Superior Wood Treating, have developed some of the industryÂâ€Ã¢„¢s leading treated wood products, and have annual sales of around 200 million board feet of lumber.  

In 40 years, Manke has learned the importance of using resources wisely.The company harvests only second, third and even fourth generation trees. The wisdom of that decision has become more obvious in recent years.  

In a natural extension of its business, Manke uses 100 percent virgin wood sawdust, a co-product of local lumber production at mills. Manke lumber products include Ultra Deck (CCA), Deck Rails, Balustrade (CCA), Stair Risers, Field Treatment, Deck Stain etc. Like other treated wood manufacturers, Manke starts by placing lumber in an enormous sealed tube called a retort, which is sealed and pumped free of air to create a vacuum. Even treated lumber requires some maintenance. The treating process protects the wood from rot and decay, but it offers little protection against the elements of nature like sun, rain, snow and ice. Using the proper products and treatment techniques can lengthen project's life-span. The flat surfaces of deck make it especially susceptible to weather damage. Those surfaces collect rain and snow, which seep into the wood and cause it to swell. When the sun comes out again, it dries the wood, but it doesn't just return to its previous state. Because it was swollen with moisture, it shrinks, which may cause checking, splitting and cupping. So the deck requires a proper coating. A good quality deck sealer is just the thing to keep the inside of deck dry and stable.  

Manke Lumber is a traditional family owned company, and it has thrived by excelling in the very thing that makes AmericaÂâ€Ã¢„¢s business great, foreseeing and responding to changes in the marketplace.