Martin's Feed Inc


Martin Ruiter began Martin's Feed in 1971 with a single truck hauling hay. By 1978, he incorporated this Lynden located company and began a steady growth period. Over the years the company has hauled, bulk commodities of all kinds, as well as fresh vegetables, hay and straw. Mark Ruiter, Martin's oldest son, took over the operational management of the company in 1995 and since then, Martin's Feed has continued to grow while maintaining an excellent reputation for service and honesty.  
Cutting to the present day, Martin's Feed operates 26 trucks in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and British Columbia bulk products of many types, including feed ingredients, silage, compost products, potatoes (seed and processing), fertilizer and pumice.

The company offers a range of services like bulk hauling in the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia and also has a variety of equipment to meet customer needs; 15 - belt bottom trailers, 3 - Walking Floor trailers and 8 - Hopper bottom trailers complement this service. Additionally, there are also two Callahan lift trucks for dumping 20' bulk containers. Tran loading in bulk is also undertaken and it may rail to truck for bulk hopper car or whole cotton seed, or truck to rail for bulk flow able products or a truck to truck arrangement for bulk or palletized goods.
MartinÂâ€Ã¢„¢s Feed has over 20 years experience in hauling and transporting for clients  which number over 100 clients nationally and  the company operates a comprehensive fleet of vehicles to ensure it has the right transport to meet any requirements. Delivery and collection is conducted on a daily basis throughout Canada and they offer highly competitive rates as well as contract services which can be negotiated to meet your specific needs. Flexible and fast and feeding all needs for trucking in tune with customer needs and demands- thatÂâ€Ã¢„¢s MartinÂâ€Ã¢„¢s Feed for you!!