North Carolina Foam Industries


North Carolina Foam Industries is one of the industry leaders in the formulation and manufacturing of rigid and flexible polyurethanes for a wide range of industrial and consumer applications. NCFI Consumer Products include quality flexible foams for the furniture, bedding, padding, medical, and carpet pad industries.  

NCFI was coordinated in 1964 by Dr. H.W. Bradley, a research chemist, and Barnhardt Manufacturing Company, a leading manufacturer of fiber cushioning materials. Soon after its organization, NCFI had earned a reputation as a quality manufacturer of flexible polyurethane foam for the bedding and furniture industry.  

Polyurethane is one of the most versatile polymers in use today. It's chemistry is based on the reaction of an isocyanate with a polyhydroxy compound (polyol). Therefore, a polyurethane foam in place system is a combination of the above two components which have been preformulated so they need to only be mixed and dispensed to make polyurethane foam. The foam made from these systems is used primarily for roofing, insulation, flotation, packaging, and specialty moldings. There is also an endless potential for many other uses of polyurethane foam in place systems.  

NCFI Consumer Products are flexible polyurethane foam-based products used in furniture, bedding and other cushioning materials.  

NCFI Specialty Products are polyurethane and polyurea based materials which can be applied, reacted and cured on site. NCFI specializes in custom formulating plural-component systems to meet the specific needs of the customer. These systems include Residential Insulations, Commercial Roofing systems, Packaging, Agricultural Uses, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and equipment.  

Commercial Roofing systems include coated spray polyurethane and NCFI GraveledFoam. Having a long and successful track record, spray polyurethane roofs are known for their high wind uplift resistance and their excellent ability to economically renovate existing roofs.  

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) uses of NCFI polyurethane systems include such diverse products as taxidermy forms, jacuzzis and spas, and decorative molding and frames. NCFI can custom formulates systems for specialty molding applications to meet the physical properties and the reaction profile the customer requires.