Mears Cpg Inc


Mears is an international directional drilling and engineering contractor with more than 50 rigs working in the pipeline, utility, fiber, and water industries.
Mears Group, Inc. was founded in 1970 and has evolved into operating companies that offer the capabilities of turnkey Pipeline Integrity Services: Mears/CPG, LLC, provides construction, rehabilitation and corrosion control services for the pipeline industry.
Engineering and technical services includes three types of services. They are External Corrosion Direct Assessment (ECDA), Data integration and NDT inspection and documentation. Mears assists clients in development of ECDA Standards and protocols that are appropriate for their pipeline systems. It includes pre-Assessment review, organization, and presentation of records; identification of ECDA Regions, selection of Indirect Inspection Tools and evaluation of ECDA feasibility. Mears has developed documentation formats that are electronically compatible with individual client databases.
Each related survey and data set is keyed to the GPS data to permit the integration of all data at specific locations. The integrated data is aligned for graphical representation at a high level with detailed support on a series of Pipeline Rehabilitation and Analysis Profile Sheets (RAP Sheets). The analytical software comprises client guidelines for characterizing individual data sets as "severe", "moderate", or "minor" in addition to combinations of these conditions that classify a particular location as "immediate", "scheduled", or "monitored". These data are also presented electronically for incorporation into the client database. GPS Coordinates are collected with sub-meter accuracy and each survey is matched to this data. GPS coordinates are transferable to client databases to facilitate mapping of pipeline systems.
In addition to project management and construction management services, Mears personnel pioneered the principles of Pipeline Integrity management and External Corrosion Direct Assessment in the early 1990's. The company is committed towards its customers to provide a Ââ€Ã‹Ã…“Quality ServiceÂâ€Ã¢„¢.