Meylan Enterprises Inc.


Meylen Enterprises Inc. was founded in 1960. Wayne Meylan, Sr. is founder of the company who worked hard for success as a protective standout for the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Wayne's dedication and committed was second to none and he always desire a tough challenges because he knew they built character. They made him a savvier athlete and proved him to be a leader.

Wayne's NFL stint was above he brought the power of hard work to his own company and took on a position that was flat out tough: industrial cleaning, starting with high-pressure drain and sewer service. In 1975 Wayne and crew went out on first boiler job.

The company provides customer a fully trained crew ready to tackle the toughest cleanups and 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, their modern, well-maintained fleet of mobile vacuum units gives customer the flexibility need for customer specific situation. Meylan's highly specialized equipment will be at customer service for any cleanup combination of solids, fine particulate, liquids and slurries.

Meylen is always on call for you and happy to schedule a vacuum array time with customer when it's possible. But company knows that can't always be the case. So if customer has a cleanup on the calendar or an emergency that needs industrial vacuum services.

Meylen advantages are fully contains materials, Wet/dry collection, Lower labor costs, Reduces downtime and Dust-free environment. Applications are Spill response, Silos, bins, bunkers, hoppers, Tanks, process vessels, Sludge pits, Air preheaters, Ducts, Penthouses, Precipitators, Cooling tower basins, Cement plants, Pulp and paper mills, Railroads and Treatment plants.

After 30 years, the power of hard work still shapes at Meylen Enterprises. Meylen develop from a city-based business to an international service provider and now they are on the leading edge of industrial cleaning technologies. But what really makes clients like happy with the company is that approach every job like it was their first and customer will see invest an honest day's blood sweat and tears every time. Their customers deserve nothing less. That's the power of hard work. Day in and day out, that's Meylan.