Age Transportation Inc


AGE Refining is located in San Antonio, Texas. The company manufactures, refines and markets jet fuels, diesel products, solvents and other highly specialized fuels. The company covers a variety of sectors, including commercial, local municipalities and the federal government.

The company was founded in 1991 by Al Gonzalez, AGE is a family owned and operated business in the heart of the San Antonio community. In January 2001, AGE Refining sold its transportation capabilities to a newly formed women owned consortium, headed by the president Ruth Ann Ernst. While AGE Transportation is still a vital part of San Antonio operations and manages all transportation logistics for AGE Refining, it is also a stand alone full service transportation company providing third party common carrier services to the petroleum industry.

At AGE 50 drivers lead the fleet of 31 trucks and trailers. The average annual miles for one unit are 230,000, and with 31 different units, AGE trucks travel over 12 million miles a year. Each day 9,500 barrels of crude are transported in addition to 2,000 barrels of refined products. AGE Transportation maintains an outstanding safety record based on the number of miles traveled.

With an average growth rate of 22% over the past ten years, AGE is positioned to continue its successful trend. The company has made good on its promise to do whatever it takes to deliver energy to their 40+ clients. The company has built a solid, professional business with sound judgment and excellent relations both with its clients as well as its community. AGE stands on the brink of even more growth and is poised to acquire synergistic assets.