Sweet Paper Sales Of Florida

By: Bubbajunk.com

Lagasse Inc is one of the country's leading wholesale distributors and has completed the acquisition of Sweet Paper.  

Sweet Paper Sales Corporation is a third generation family owned and operated Redistribution Company which was started in 1956. It was started by Samuel Scheck who opened a small warehouse in Miami, Florida and began distributing to local distributors. In few years after its inception, Sweet Paper began to deliver from Daytona Beach down to the Florida Keys as well as shipping merchandise to the Caribbean. It carries products from over 150 different suppliers and is located in Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, etc. DULCE DISTRIBUTION LLC (formerly Sweet Distribution LLC) focused on local and international sales of retail merchandise including household, health & beauty care and various food products. It specializes in wholesale distribution at competitive prices to local wholesalers as well as exporting to the Caribbean, Central and South America and Mexico.  

Sweet Paper's Export Division is growing fast with multilingual staff dedicated to export sales, special export pricing on all lines, free next-day delivery to any freight fowarder, consolidator or port and is a marketing support for over 250 manufacturers. Sweet Paper are best in distribution sector since it provides most comprehensive, user friendly, over 7,000 items in stock all times, over 1,000,000 sq ft of warehouse space, largest trucking fleet, etc. Sweet Paper is associated with 60 suppliers and 9 associations.  

Sweet Paper carries thousands items and has worked hard in creating categories that are sensible. Sweet Paper can browse by bags and can lines, food products, smallwares equipment, etc.                            

Sweet Paper sales of Florida provides Ecommerce facility, which are useful in making transactions, in making report, making invoices, and to keep order stats and saves lot of time.