Cooperative Elevator Co


Cooperative Elevator Co. is established in 1915. The cooperative is owned by approximately 1,200 farmer producers and Cooperative Elevator is headquartered in Pigeon, Michigan and has plants in Akron, Bad Axe, Deckerville, Elkton, Fairgrove, Gagetown, Pigeon, Ruth and Sebewaing. The company also provides farm inputs to member patrons and this farm supplies include feed, seed, fertilizer, chemicals and petroleum.
Cooperative situated in Michigan's "thumb" a rich agricultural region offering fertile soils, tiled fields, adequate rainfall and temperatures moderated by Lake Huron and Saginaw Bay. The area combines trained and experienced producers, excellent work ethics, good transportation, a strong agricultural infrastructure, diversified crop and livestock enterprises and progressive farming practices to create a spirit of cooperation and partnering. 
The vision of Cooperative Elevator Co. is to developed the net worth of the farmer patron by Pooling the marketing and purchasing resources of the farmer members, Linking agricultural producers with suppliers and food processors to create a value chain and Providing farmer patrons with the best technical expertise, efficient facilities, service and products to assist them produce agriculture commodities for the best value.Cooperative Elevator has excellent bean handling and sorting equipment and an experienced staff. The company is proud of their status as the QUALITY supplier. Company ship in excess of 1,000,000 hundred weights of beans annually to domestic and international markets.
GRAINS currently handled through Cooperative Elevator Co.'s 11,000,000 bushel grain plant currently include corn, red and white wheat, soybeans, edible soybeans, oats and barley. The company ship unit trains from the Elkton and Pigeon plants and they meet the needs of a number of specialty markets and their experience in handling food grade commodities equip them well for this task.
Their grain marketing group includes Mike Janowicz, Vice President of the Grain Division and Chuck Squires. Michelle Bergman is engaged in farm marketing and transportation. Chris Gettel and Jen Timmons prepare farmer statements.