Excargo Services Inc

By: Bubbajunk.com

Excargo services Inc. established 1979. Excargo has been reliably draying goods to and from the Port of Houston and area rail terminals for international and intermodal shippers. Now company becomes known for their guarantee handling of time sensitive loads. The company is not so much trucker, but company solves all the problems NS helping customer products into profit.
There is Excargo Services Inc., the company customer can count on to transport goods in a professional manner and provides expert intermodal trucking and warehouse services for domestic and international business. Their services include transporting intermodal cargo between Houston rail terminals and industries0, transporting ocean containers between ports and warehouses and providing local van cartage and transloading capabilities. Their expertise includes drayage of household goods, beverages and spirits, electronics, non-hazardous petrochemicals, foods and other time-sensitive or high-value cargo. And it's not something company had to learn - it's been the core of their business philosophy from day one, company can pick up on time, deliver on time and they communicate with customer every step of the way,
The company Warehousing Services include like, Transloading, pallet storage and maintenance, Short-term warehousing, Unload and redeliver distressed loads, Blocking and bracing, and secure inside and outside storage.
Their Department of Transportation safety rating is the highest in the industry, plus company routinely passes audits from safety conscious customers and an outside consultant. Their corporate policy below, safety is good business and corporate goal and objective is to have a broad spectrum of happy repeat customers who feel served by every interaction with Excargo and who pay a good rate in a timely fashion allowing everyone at Excargo a satisfying return on their investments of both financial and personal resources. To achieve the goal depends directly on their safe performance and ability to control losses.
The company provides corporate safety policy is; Safety is their paramount commitment at all times, Safety is everyone's responsibility, Safety shall take precedence over expedience,  and the company endorse and comply with all Federal, State and City safety regulations and ordinances.
Company will make every effort to avoid accidents. To manage their statistics is a major focus and priority at Excargo and are especially proud of the tireless work of their operations and safety team members who have brought their numbers down below or at national averages from last 18 months.