F C I Transport

By: Bubbajunk.com

Freehold Cartage Inc (FCI) specializes in carrier serving hazardous and special waste transportation needs throughout the US and Canada over the last 43 years. The company also provides transportation of solid waste and recycling for customers based in New Jersey. FCI is a growth oriented family company and is still owned and operated by the founding family. The corporate headquarter of the company is located in Monmouth County, New Jersey. Freehold Cartage is comprised of over 375 employees, of which 240 are drivers. The company provides their employees with the best equipment and work environment.
FCI has always operated with an exemplary safety record and strict regulatory compliance. We operate a large fleet of stainless steel and fiberglass tank trucks, dry vans, roll off trucks, and front end and rear end solid waste trucks. Our modern fleet equipped with an onboard satelite communications system and operated by professionals is able to transport both containerized and bulk wastes. Team members are trained by independent programs and in-house training utilizing experienced qualified staff members.
FCI provides many services such as trash and construction debris and recycling services, vacuum trailers, acid vacuum trailers, specialty vacuum trucks, roll off, roll off tank containers and van trailers and trucks.
FCI provides residential trash collection twice weekly to their customers and allows an unlimited number of cans or bags of household trash. Freehold Cartage is currently licensed to transport all types of wastes throughout the US and Canada with 21 million dollars in insurance coverage. The company is dedicated to provide the very best quality of service to their customers.