Fantasy Amusement Co


Fantasy Amusement Company is the number one carnival in the Chicago area. Featuring over forty rides, games and concessions, there is no better choice for customer fair or festival. Fantasy Amusement Co. has the unique ability to mold their Festival/Carnival to meet customer specific needs. This marketing concept is utilized most frequently by their patrons. The customer pays one price at the ticket booth and proceeds to ride as regularly as they like and an advanced ticket sale program has also been a big hit with many organizations. Professionalism is well verified through all of their participation, support and active memberships in several organizations
Fantasy Amusement Company is a totally self-contained operation and has a large staff to run the festival/carnival from opening to closing. The company has successfully designed their festivals/carnivals to produce wonderful profitability for customer community or organization simply through the wide collection of rides, games and concessions can provide.
The company wants customer to be fully confident with Fantasy Amusement Company, Inc. attitudes concerning safety. The company set their selves apart from competition simply because they employ the services of a professional safety inspector. FAC considers safety their number one priority and each year all of their equipment is inspected by the State of Illinois prior to opening the season and then occasionally whenever the State chooses. All of their ride personnel have been trained by a Safety Consultant on safety, operations and maintenance.
FAC equipment is also subject to various inspection programs involving non-destructive test methods such as Ultra Sound Testing, Magnaflux Particle Testing and various x-rays testing of hidden components. All inspections are welcomed because they have helped them get their high safety rating. Peotone, Illinois is where their Winter Quarters facility is located. The company has 5 acres of land consisting of 2 buildings; one building is 10,000 square feet devoted to maintenance and repairs. Company also has storage building to keep the rides out of the elements.
Their goal is to keep customer happy by providing special amenities and comfort stations. Company place picnic tables, benches, rest areas and tents throughout the midway, as space will provide. FAC has Hand Sanitizer Stations placed close to their food venues to keep customer hand clean.