Fisher Tank Co


For more than half a century, Fisher Tank Company has been erecting, repairing and modifying aboveground carbon and stainless steel bulk storage tanks for industry throughout the Eastern part of United States. 
Fisher Tank Co (FTC) is best known as manufacturer of tanks with quality service like the repair, modification and maintenance of AST and has been an effective and respected part of Fisher Tank operations
Fisher Tank Co provides three type services first one is New Tank Construction – Since 1948 we are into constructing aboveground steel tanks for the bulk storage of fuel oil, water and chemicals. All tank work is performed by ASME-certified workers; and is performed in strict compliance with applicable safety requirements. And second is Petrochemical Storage; petroleum storage tanks are designed and constructed in conformance with American Petroleum Institute (API) code standards. Finally is Water Storage- For private and municipal utilities, we impart steel reservoirs and standpipes in a variety of silhouettes featuring cone roofs; it is with knuckle radius periphery plates, self-supporting umbrella and ellipsoidal roofs. All work is performed in compliance with American Water Works Association (AWWA) standards.
For over 50 years, Fisher Tank Company has performed a dual service for owners of above-ground steel storage tanks. We are, perhaps, best known as a leading manufacturer of high quality field-erected steel tanks. From the outset, still, a companion service - the repair, modification and maintenance of AST, has been an effective and respected part of Fisher Tank operations.
As a full service company, we're particularly well set to handle your repair and modification projects. Our staffs of experienced contracting and design engineers stand ready to offer you with the best in value engineering services. At both our Chester, PA and Lexington, SC plants, we maintain fully equipped fabricating facilities, backed by extensive inventories of steel plate, pipe and assorted fittings. These added-value capabilities permit us to respond expertly, quickly and cost effectively to your most pressing repair and modification. At FTC, we are ready to undertake virtually any modification project, including: Increasing tank capacity, Installation of a new floating roof in an existing tank, Installation of double bottoms, Leak detection and secondary containment, Adding nozzles or other fittings.
Safety, quality and productivity are the values FTC carries out everyday and on every job. Whether itÂâ€Ã¢„¢s erecting a new tank or repairing an existing tank, nothing takes precedence over job safety. FTC crews undergo intensive training in programs designed by companyÂâ€Ã¢„¢s safety director; in addition, personnel are qualified with the backing of the NTL Boilermakers most program.