Flowers Industries


Flower industries were initially known as Flowers Foods Company. Flowers Foods was founded in 1919 when two brothers, William Howard and Joseph Hampton Flowers. They opened Flowers Baking Company in Thomasville, Ga. In 1968, Flowers Baking Company undergone public, became Flowers Industries, and began trading over the counter stock. Less than a year later, Flowers listed on the American Stock Exchange. In 1982, the company listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol FLO.  

Flowers Foods produces and markets a wide variety of fresh and frozen bakery foods from breads, buns, and rolls to snack cakes and pastries. Flowers' fresh breads, buns, rolls, and snack cakes are available throughout the Southeast, Southwest, and mid-Atlantic states. The company is continually expanding its market reach through acquisitions and by stretching its current territory. The brands available regionally include Nature's Own, Cobblestone Mill, and BlueBird, as well as the company's white bread brands Sunbeam, Bunny, ButterKrust, Mary Jane, Mary Jane and Friends, Evangeline Maid, and Betsy Ross. Flowers' Mrs. Freshley's brand of snack cakes is available nationally to retail and vending customers. The European Bakers' brand of frozen specialty breads and rolls is available nationally to retail in store bakeries and foodservice customers.  

Flowers Foods has two operating groups. The Bakeries Group handles fresh breads, buns, rolls, and snack cakes that are sold regionally through a direct store delivery system that reaches about 35 percent of the U.S. population. This DSD system is backed by a network of highly motivated independent distributors. The Specialty Group is responsible for the national distribution of fresh snack cakes and frozen breads and rolls that are sold direct to customers' warehouses by frozen and non-frozen contract carriers.  

FlowersÂâ€Ã¢„¢ operating strategies includes focusing on the needs of retail and foodservice customers, developing brand strength and products that meet consumersÂâ€Ã¢„¢ needs, Investing in bakeries, products, brands, technology, information systems, and people. The company continuously works on the areas of improvement of products, bakeries, distribution systems, business model.  

The company has done 1.55 billion dollars sales and is a dynamic force in baked foods, operating direct store delivery routes that deliver fresh breads, rolls, and snack cakes throughout the Southeastern, Southwestern, and mid-Atlantic states as well as a national sales force that provide foodservice, retail, and vend customers a wide range of fresh snack cakes and frozen breads and rolls.