Gregory Poole Equipment Co


Gregory Poole Equipment established in 1951 by Gregory Poole Sr. Company has had one primary concern - customer satisfaction .The powerful pride behind over 50 years of growth. That faith in strong mutual support, joined with the wish to drive each other on to even greater success, has always been the hallmark of the Poole family.
The company started with a few experienced employees in Raleigh and a branch in New Bern. The company continued to increase with a branch in Wilmington in 1954.When Caterpillar purchased a manufacturer of industrial forklifts, Gregory Poole established the Industrial Division in 1968 for the sale and service of material handling equipment. The company continued to develop opening a new branch in Washington in 1974 to replace the obsolete facility in New Bern.
Gregory PooleÂâ€Ã¢„¢s Industrial Division prolonged its responsibilities for Caterpillar into the southeastern counties of South Carolina in 1986 and now has facilities in Charleston and Florence. In 2002, Gregory Poole was appointed dealer for material handling equipment in eastern Virginia and has established facilities in Richmond and Chesapeake.In 1990, the Power Systems Division opened at 701 Blue Ridge Road, Raleigh. The company has 3300 sq. ft. facility houses a 12 bay truck shop, generator repair shop and offices. The marine engine business unit moved it offices to the NC coast opening a facility in Wanchese in 1996 and in Beaufort in 2002.
Their primary goal is to take care of the customer and take pride in their ability to serve the customer in a timely, professional manner and provide high quality services at value-based prices. The company struggle for opportunities to develop their relationships with customers and to follow their mutual long-term growth and prosperity. They care for their co-workers, as they are a part of the GP Team. The company value advance, friendliness, productivity and loyalty to the Team. They openly communicate their accomplishments and mistakes so they can learn from each other. The company struggle to manage fairly and provide equal opportunity for all to share in their growth and success. The company is confident of their future and they are committed and dedicated to high standards in the way they run their business and treat one another.  

Gregory people Equipment Co has three division like, Construction Division, Industrial Division and Power Systems Division.