Griffin Dewatering Corp


Griffin Dewatering Corporation is one of the oldest and most respected specialists in the groundwater control industry, from last 50 years of experience behind it! Griffin has worked with owners, consultants, engineers, contractors and governmental agencies to solve groundwater problems. The company is working hard to develop and utilize the latest technical innovations and their geologists and engineers meet new problems with new solutions. Their mechanical specialists and field groups turn concepts into reality and their clients know that they can depend on cost-efficient results from Griffin every time the need arises!
Their technical, sales and field personnel are committed and dedicated to one principle philosophy to serve their customer by providing the most effective techniques to control groundwater on time and on budget. Griffin has always focused on building rugged pumping equipment that would keep pace as they improved many of the now classic dewatering techniques such as well points, jetting and eductor systems.
Pumps are for sale or rent and literature is available on request and their associate company, Griffin Pump & Equipment, Inc., manufactures the highly respected Griffin line of portable hydraulically driven submersible pumps, used for moving large volumes of water typically in borrow pits, coffer dams, flood control, etc. Griffin's Axial-Flow Propeller Pumps for high volumes and low lifts are built for portable hydraulic drive packages and for permanent installations.
Griffin has purposefully placed at its offices throughout the United States. Their mobilization capabilities allow them to move rigs and highly trained team to the job site quickly. Griffin Dewatering can gives Bucket Drilling, Auger drilling or Wet Rotary drilling. These rigs are either 2 wheel drive or rough terrain vehicles, depending on the site needs and conditions and also have a wide inventory of trailer-mounted rigs and drilling support equipment.
The company will undertake engineering studies including on-site pump tests and furnish design recommendations.  This total concept includes a guarantee to gives the needed results and company furnishes the compulsory equipment to the Contractor from Griffin's wide record. Griffin will furnish a field supervisor to advise the Contractor regarding proper installation and operation of the Griffin supplied equipment.
Griffin field supervisors and maintenance specialists are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to help in solving operational problems. Griffin satisfactions itself on responsiveness, service and dependability and their sales and support team is incomparable in the power of knowledge and experience