Holland Manufacturing Co

By: Bubbajunk.com

Holland Manufacturing Co. was founded July 1, 1958 by Jack W. Holland as a manufacturing facility to produce water activated sealing tape for the packaging industry.  

Holland successfully diversified its high-capacity, 35 acre plant complex into a world class paper converting manufacturing facility. This progress was success by the deeds and innovative spirit of the high caliber Holland staff and employees.

Holland approaches its 50th Anniversary; the company is poised to meet the challenges of the changing world market. A complete line of water activated paper and reinforced sealing tapes, non-asphaltic and asphaltic laminated papers (up to 120" wide) and a state-of-the-art 116" multi-stage air knife coating line has catapulted Holland to be an internationally recognized paper converter.  

Holland produces a variety of water activated and heat activated tape lines featuring 3-way reinforcing and non- reinforced grades. The wide selection sizes, colors, and custom prints makes HollandÂâ€Ã¢„¢s tape lines the most versatile water and heat activated tape products in the industry. Holland tape products can be purchased in various forms like - Cartons – 6-12 rolls of tape per, Jumbo Rolls - customer specified length & width, Base Stock - Gummed or ungummed jumbo rolls.  

H M Co produced 4 type products Paper Sealing Tapes - Holland produces a complete line of water activated paper tape in various grades and sizes. Paper tape is constructed from high quality craft paper that is coated with HollandÂâ€Ã¢„¢s water activated adhesive formula; Reinforced Sealing Tapes are for tear and puncture resistant carton sealing. The complete line of reinforced tape products provides various strengths and sizes to meet your requirements. This type of tape features fiberglass reinforcing threads laminated into the tape in 3 directions to provide increased strength and durability. Corrugated Box Tapes - fiberglass reinforcing threads laminated into the tape in 2 directions. Designed to seal the side joint of corrugated cartons, HollandÂâ€Ã¢„¢s box tape with exclusive water base emulsion lamination is offered in several grades and sizes. Stay Tape- Stay Tape is also available in a heat activated variety labeled WIDAC.