Insituform Technologies Usa Inc


Insituform Technologies Usa Inc. has nearly 30 years of experience in the trenchless pipeline rehabilitation business and specializes in sewer rehabilitation. The company takes care of project to be completed safely, on time and within budget and take complete responsibility for the quality of work from product manufacturing through final installation and have the ISO 9000 quality systems.
The sewer problems can be solved without digging or disrupting the community, the companyÂâ€Ã¢„¢s professional installers work quickly, typically completing jobs in few days. Safety and liability risks are minimal. And the finished product has a 50 year design life, the same as that of a brand new pipe.
The company provides Pipebursting process which is a semi trenchless method of installing factory manufactured pipes and service connections in place of severely damaged water, sewer and commercial pipes and service laterals. An ideal solution for upsizing capacity of existing lines ranging from 6 to 36 inches in diameter. Because it requires minimal excavation, pipebursting is a preferred solution for installing new pipes in high profile areas where disruption to surrounding businesses, resident and the environment is an important consideration. It also reduces overflow in wet weather and minimizes the need for bypass pumping.
The company also provides special services like Pipe Jacking, the man entry tunneling method is use to install new factory manufactured pipes with minimal surface disruption. While used primarily for new sewer construction, it also can be used to rehabilitate and reline sewers and other pipe systems with diameters ranging from 54 to 120 inches. Pipe jacking is an economical alternative to and much less disruptive than using open cut construction to install new underground pipes. Because it is performed with a closed system, pipe jacking decreases the risk of environmental contamination during construction.
A successful sewer rehabilitation project requires the use of specialized equipment and Insituform has developed the equipment necessary to perform this work as efficiently and reliably as possible.