International Line Builders Inc


Marley D. Martin started International Line Builders, Inc., an electrical distribution and transmission line construction company and Highline Equipment Company. The both successful enterprises continued to develop under management group that has over 40 years experience in the electrical construction industry. The companyÂâ€Ã¢„¢s improvement and success are due to continuous efforts of the dynamic and forward looking management group as well as the commitment and hard work of employees to give good quality and cost effective service to utility and commercial customers. The companies were acquired by MDU Resources Group, Inc. in 1997 and made a part of Utility Services, Inc.
MDU Resources Group Inc. is a multi-dimensional company traded on the New York Stock Exchange from last 50 years. The company currently celebrated its 75th anniversary. The families of companies that make up MDU Resources Group include: Montana-Dakota Utilities Company, Utility Services, WBI Holdings, Fidelity Exploration & Production Company and Knife River Corporation.
International Line Builders, Inc., as part of Utility Services, Inc. has the ability to provide all services obligatory by their customers to complete transmission and distribution projects from the design and engineering stage to final construction of the project. The company has established a firm customer base and a reputation for providing a solid work group able to undertake projects, both small and large and complete them on time and safely.
The company Vision is honesty and creates superior shareholder value by increasing upon their expertise to be the supplier of choice in all of their markets while being a great place to work. And their mission is to provide value-added natural resources products and related services that top customer expectations.
From the last several years, ILB has replaced thousands of distribution poles and installed miles of new conductor for their service customers and their team and field supervisors are aware of their responsibility to represent their utility customers and they struggle to perform their work in a manner be suitable their own best practices. In serving the needs of their customers they have replaced poles in backyard and assistant easements, on finely landscaped yards and in rural farmyards. The property development that has occurred since many distribution lines were erected, ILB has become practiced at setting poles with high capacity cranes over residential and commercial structures.