Iowa Limestone Co


Iowa Limestone Co was started in 1924 as a supplier of quality feed-grade calcium carbonate. ILC core business remains the processing of limestone rock into high purity calcium carbonate for agribusiness. ILC products creation began 350 million years ago when portions of Iowa and eastern Nebraska were part of a large shallow sea filled with aquatic animal life. When the resultant sediment hardened into rock, it contained fossil remains rich in calcitic limestone that are processed today as part of ILC commitment to feeding the world.
ILC Resources has plants at Alden, IA; Gilmore City, IA; Weeping Water, NE; and Savage, MN. These are designed solely for the production of top-quality, feed-grade calcium carbonate, our core product. 
ILC precision-screened granular calcium carbonate product is very much suited for the use in any golf course hazard where sand has been utilized. It is bright in color and low maintenance. Trap Dressing is less dusty than typical sand, non-toxic to turf or greens, promotes drainage and will not pond water.
ILC gives quality services. At the hub of all customer service activities, are the Des Moines, IA team of knowledgeable, courteous and detail-oriented experts. Each day they respond to questions on products and ordering, as well as availability of transportation and technical services. Complete histories of ILC customers are at the fingertips of every team member. ILC follow-through and commitment to customer satisfaction guarantee that one get answers to all questions for customer convenience and also offers 24/7 on-line ordering and twice daily posting of individual orders in our password protected on-line accounts area.
As a company dedicated to high product standards and proper animal nutrition, ILC maintains a rigid quality control program and numerous communication methods with customers and also gives transport service. ILC expertise in moving and storing feed ingredients is at work every day, keeping ingredients safe and transporting via pneumatic dry bulk tanks, hoppers, vans, flatbeds and other specialized equipment with advanced technology. These reputable carriers have pneumatic dry bulk tanks, hoppers, vans, reefers and flatbeds that travel throughout the United States.
Iowa is a company that provides quality products and quality services to the livestock, poultry, and pet food industries throughout the world.