Jerkins Inc


Jerkins Incorporated is an expanded construction materials company and supplier of redi-mix concrete, concrete block, and other materials for residential, commercial, institutional and public works construction in Holmes, Washington, Walton, and Jackson Counties.
Jerkins Incorporated products are used in the construction of diverse projects as roads, offices, factories, hospitals, department stores, banks, swimming pools and bridges. Jerkins Incorporated will do anything it takes to take care of the job and the contractors. Jerkins Incorporated provides regular residential concrete mixes and design mixes for the State of Florida.
Jerkins Incorporated offers an array of masonry products. Jerkins Incorporated is one of the largest independent suppliers of redi-mix concrete in the tri-state area. Ready-mix concrete is a versatile, cost-effective building material that is crucial in almost all kinds of construction. Its ingredients includes cement, water and aggregates such as sand, crushed stone, or gravel and are combined to create monuments and structures that stand the test of time. Jerkins Incorporated also offer many add mixtures of product including fiber mesh and liquid calcium.
Along with Jerkins IncorporatedÂâ€Ã¢„¢s ready-mixed concrete product line offers structural concrete masonry units. Jerkins IncorporatedÂâ€Ã¢„¢s masonry units are produced in accordance with ASTM C-90 to ensure the quality and specification requirements of local and state building codes. Although block manufacturing is something that Jerkins business was established on, Jerkins Incorporated now distribute block from two of the largest block producers in the Southeastern part of US.
Jerkins IncorporatedÂâ€Ã¢„¢s Concrete Masonry Units are designed to meet project requirements from architectural esthetics on color and texture options to strength and fire ratings. In addition, Jerkins Incorporated offers a wide range of related building materials from masonry cements, rebar, visqueen, sealers and more.
At Jerkins Incorporated, we view things a bit differently than most other building materials suppliers. Jerkins Incorporated goal is to be a long term supplier, a company where one feels comfortable doing business. One has got enough to deal with in todayÂâ€Ã¢„¢s complicated and often frustrating building industry.
Jerkins Incorporated takes pride in being able to provide products for project from the footer to the shingles. Jerkins Incorporated dedicated building supply sales team is well trained on all the products and services that Jerkins Incorporated provides. Jerkins Incorporated can help establish requirements and assist from start to finish with projects. No project is too big or small for the Jerkins sales team. Jerkins Incorporated also has prompt delivery available for all products.