John D Hollingsworth on Wheels Inc


Mr. Pinckney C. Hollingsworth established The Hollingsworth Company before twentieth century.

Hollingsworth is recognized for providing excellence in service to the textile industry from its beginning in the late 1800's. He became of the world's leading manufacturers of textile equipment, since those early days.

The wide range of products developed and manufactured by Hollingsworth, under the leadership of John D. Hollingsworth, Jr., gained a worldwide reputation for their quality and contribution to high-speed carding accessories and enhanced card features that were incorporated into a program of card refurbishment and modernization.
Hollingsworth serves the textile industry with high tech facilities worldwide. The ultra-modern research and development center, located in Greenville, carries out tests and evaluations on various textile equipment and accessories and works with the industry to develop better products for the marketplace. Hollingsworth also designs and manufactures equipment with their extensive engineering and manufacturing facilities.
Hollingsworth operates an impressive service organization throughout the world. Efficient technicians with sound practical experience travel from plant to plant to install and maintain complete range of textile equipment.

Some of the services provided by our service are facilities located in Texas, Massachusetts, Alabama, and Canada is listed below. Our main facility in Greenville, South Carolina Repair and Reclothing of Card and Garnett Rolls with Metallic Wire at Our Service Facilities., Repair and Replacement of Shafts as Needed, Balancing of Rolls as Needed, Reclothing of Card and Garnett Rolls with Metallic Wire at the Customers' Plants, Consulting Service for Card and Garnett Fiber Problems, Installation, Repair, and Rebuilding of Textile Machinery and Accessories.

The company provides service and parts to ensure optimum performance, low maintenance costs and the longest life of your equipment. They are made some manufacturing and repairing rolls such as Production of new rolls to customer specifications, Precision balancing, Repairing and truing shells, Installation of new bearings, Pickup and delivery available, and other repair and return service, coilers, and other products, Transportation service is companyÂâ€Ã¢„¢s privately operated and maintained transportation fleet enables delivery of parts quickly, reliably, and just in time to virtually eliminate inventory expenses.
Company worked toward making improvements with every succeeding job they performed. At that point, the company's trade name became J. D. Hollingsworth & Son on Wheels.