Kane Steel Co.

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Since 1955, Kane Steel Company is known steel company and OEM professionals maintenance, construction in the tri-state area have turned to us for high-quality carbon steel products and a wide range of expert services: shearing, saw cutting, flame cutting, punching, plasma cutting, and forming. We help to select the right material, the right process, and the right tolerance. Highly-skilled operators, many of whom spend their entire careers at Kane use state-of-the-art equipment to produce anything made of steel that you might need, in any quantity. Your business operating at peak efficiency with our on time delivery, as a result of employing highly skilled operators with vast experience.
Kane Steel Company keeps high-quality standard, expert basic processing services, and innovative downstream processes. With nearly half a century of experience and rich tradition of helping customers define their needs and select the best options and craftsmen  produce exactly what you need ,using sophisticated equipments.
Shearing our shears with CNC control provide exacting cuts is KSC primary processing services:  Integrated with power feed tables and controlled by experienced operators, saw cutting- From heavy structural components to small bars, our saws cut through steel to your specifications.. They operate at peak efficiency for small and large quantities, , we use long cutting tables To maximize the use of your steel.. Skilled operators using sophisticated equipment with sound processing capabilities do the job in a cost-effective manner.
Our Down stream processing Art and science are combined in our downstream processes: punching -We punch or burn round, square, or obrund holes, in any pattern you require. The punching capability is so powerful to produce 4" holes through a 1/2" thick piece of steel. We can punch steel sheets and plates, angles and other structural sections, and plasma cutting, pre-sheered blanks and custom material can be cut into any shape, uses digital numerical controls is used in our Punch/Plasma Fabricating Center  for maximum efficiency. Our equipment can bend sheets and plates of steel up to 15' long.
Kane Steel Co product available in Hot rolled carbon steel  like Angles, Bar Channels, Plates, Floor Plate etc, Sheet products- Hot rolled, Cold rolled, Galvanized, Cold finished bars, Construction products.