Kent Power Svc


Richard J. Kent the company's Chief Executive Officer founded Kent Power, Inc. in 1978. Based in Kent City, Michigan, Kent Power is recognized as a premier constructor of large electrical utility projects across the country.
Kent Power specializes in outside plant projects for public utilities and communications companies. Kent Power, in addition to this, also provides inside electrical services for commercial and industrial customers.
Kent Power continues to set new standards as the electric utility, telecommunications and information technology. Kent Technologies, leaders in internetworking and telecommunications services; KentTrust Security Solutions, a leading network infrastructure architect, KentESG, Kent's enterprise solutions group; 4What interactive, are family companies. Kent multimedia communication solutions team; Power products, Georgia-based utility construction services and Kent Power, Great Lakes regional leaders of electric and utility construction services offers a complete array of solutions for its customers.
Kent Power has 185,000 square feet of office and warehouse The abundant space has provided for numerous expansion projects.
There are four divisions in Kent Power Svc; the power line division of Kent Power constructs, maintains, and repairs power transmission and distribution equipment for electric utilities, municipalities, and private enterprise, Kent Power has served the Midwest's electricity utility markets since 1965 by providing technical expertise and cost effective solutions for prominent companies, including: Consumers Energy, Detroit Edison, Electrical Cooperatives, Wisconsin Electric, Great Lakes Energy, Midwest Energy etc. An excellent safety record, superior fleet, and family interest in the company have contributed to Kent Power's longevity in the marketplace.
Kent Power assists a variety of businesses with their cellular communications needs by providing: Turn-key sites, Tower erection, Co-located carriers on current sites, Roof-top sites. The cellular division relies on more than a brick-and-mortar philosophy in order to construct cellular solutions. With a company culture that encourages employees to seek innovative solutions and processes that enhance safety and performance, Kent Power remains a regional industry leader.
Kent Power specializes in electrical design and installation of services for industrial, commercial, and residential clients. These Line Safety, Turn-key electrical engineering design utilizing the CAD system, Underground parking, sports, & arena lighting, Value Engineering, Automation Systems, Energy Management, Duct Banks, Underground Primary & Secondary.