Marietta Industrial Enterprise.


If the customerÂâ€Ã¢„¢s requirements grow then their operations will grow to meet them. Marietta Industrial Enterprise, Plastics processing division is an ISO 9002 compliant enterprise that grinds and blends a large range of polymers and their highly skilled operators and modern equipment provide food grade products for various; sensitive end uses the minute customers need it. The company has over 410,000 square feet of secured warehousing space.  

The company truck fleet includes several new van trailers; dump trailers, pneumatic and flatbeds and they make on-time delivery in four states daily. The company offer Regular Tankers and also Food Grade Tankers regularly. Marietta Industrial Enterprise alloy processing division crushes and/or grinds metal products to customer specifications, even to very small sizes. ISO 9002 Compliant. Their Mineral processing division provides Bagging, shipping and special handling for dry packaged and bulk granular materials.  

Marietta Industrial Enterprise takes on specialty construction projects such as earth moving, soil stabilization and materials reclamation and their metals processing division provides briquette, palletizing, extruding and agglomeration services. Marietta Industrial Enterprise has multiple intermodal River Terminals with versatile commodity capabilities in prime locations along the Ohio River and her tributaries; many with on site processing and storage.  

Marietta Industrial Enterprise has five Barge Cranes with up to 200-ton lifting capacity and buckets up to 6 yards that can load and unload on customer site and also specialize in riprap, construction and dredging. Their Short-Line Railroad interchanges with CSX and offers direct rail-to-barge and barge-to-rail transfers up to 600 tons per hour. Company can handle pneumatic or importance discharge and have box car capability for palletized goods and also have on-site yard cranes for gondola loading and unloading.  

Marietta Industrial Enterprise can put together an entire intermodal traffic package from origin to end user, including value adding and specialize in problem moves. M.I.E. is a highly diversified and deeply integrated service organization and they are getting ready to do more.