Marion Body Works


Marion Body Works is a family and independently owned manufacturer of cost competitive and engineered truck bodies. Marion Body Works products include rescue and fire apparatus trucks, commercial van bodies, truck cabs, and military platforms.
Marion Body Works was started in 1905 in Marion, Wisconsin. Marion Body Works has a workforce of around 150 and its annual sales are in $20 million range. Marion's niche is building cost competitive, engineered truck bodies that stand up through the rigors of over-the-road duty.
Marion Body Works standard skill categories are aluminum and steel fabrication, welding, plumbing, foam insulating, hydraulics, electrical and electronic controls, and painting. Marion manufactures a variety of commercial truck body products including dry vans, refrigerated vans, curtainside vans, heavy duty structural platforms, gas cylinder bodies, glass hauler bodies and the truck body products are build with a five-year structural warranty. Marion Body Works manufactures all aluminum cabs for custom chassis builders.
Marion Body Works, Inc makes gas cylinder bodies and glasshaulers. The demand for specialized truck body products to haul gas cylinders, Marion provides a broad line of gas cylinder bodies. Marion Glasshaulers stand up under the weight of this heavy yet fragile cargo. Larger panes can be carried on the exterior and smaller ones on the interior. Special offer include a slide-open roof and a rear-mounted crane.
Most truck cabs are constructed with steel. In an aluminum cab, compared to a steel one, the same horsepower engine offers superior acceleration. In addition, aluminum also increases a truck's safety by lowering its center of gravity, thereby improving manuverablility. Extrusion technology has advanced greatly and that along with the leveling of prices between aluminum and steel makes aluminum the premier cab material. The fully extruded design of a Marion cab offers many advantages including reduced weight, excellent component fit-up, and superior strength.
Marion has advanced technological systems for managing inventory and production, a networked AutoCAD-3D engineering system, computerized fabrication machines, and a computer generated quote system to serve customers faster. Marion Body Works specialty is building in all-aluminum and it has more experience building all-aluminum bodies for emergency vehicles than any other United States manufacturer.