R W Miller & Sons Inc.

By: Bubbajunk.com

R.W. Miller & Sons, Inc. was established in 1925, the company providing services from last 75 years. The company is a full service paving contractor and materials producer serving in southern Wisconsin and they have recently updated their site to reflect the nature of the Internet in today's business world.
R. W. Miller & Sons, Inc. thinks that customer service is their only mission with that in mind; each day company will balance the needs of the customer, their employees and the company in order to provide the best products and services available.  The company quality is a key ingredient to customer satisfaction and many outside factors affect the ability to achieve total quality. Company will anticipate as many as possible and be ready to deal. Safety to all is the highest priority and provides a workplace that treats the employee as a family member, a member of a team that encourages personal and professional growth and employee satisfaction. The company treats to customer with utmost respect.
R.W. Miller & Sons, Inc. is a family owned and operated, full service asphalt paving contractor and construction materials producer, with an emphasis on quality, excellent service and good value for customer. Jeffrey and Peter Miller, grandsons of R.W. Miller, continue the strong family ties in managing their operations. Whether it's a residential driveway, parking lot, or road, it's their guarantee to customer that top quality work at a good price is their mission. The company has a strong record in the community and is active in community projects at a charitable level and they look forward to working with customer and their project.
R.W. Miller & sons, inc. has developed these two materials calculators to help customer with determining the materials need for their project. The Aggregate & Materials Calculator assists customer to guess the tonnage of the various items they sell that are required for their job. The Road Materials Calculators helps customer to estimate the amount of hot mix asphalt or road oil/emulsion needed.
The company can take their ideas and do the site work necessary to complete their project to high standards. R.W. Miller & Sons, Inc. is willing to take chances with.