Thalheimer Brothers Inc


Thalheimer Brothers Inc. is a large processor of nonferrous and nickel alloy scrap metals.
The company is located in Philadelphia in a 400,000 sq ft plant on over 20 acres of ground. In the company most of the materials are prepared as substitutes for virgin material. The metals are processed for stainless foundries, steel mills, brass mills, brass foundries, ingot makers and specialty metal product producers. The uniqueness of the company is the fact that the company has multiple metal specialties.
Max, Gus, and Martin Thalheimer, immigrated to America from Germany and founded Thalheimer Brothers Inc. in the year 1939. They started trading in brass and copper from a tiny building in Philadelphia. The principle business was with brass foundries. Today, the company has well over 100 employees. The one truck that the brothers drove themselves has been replaced with an entire fleet of trucks and hundreds of roll-off containers to service customers.
The CompanyÂâ€Ã¢„¢s material is purchased throughout North America and sold around the world. The scrap material is purchased from industrial plants, wreckers, scrap iron dealers, and also smaller nonferrous scrap dealers. Thalheimer Brothers Inc. is one of the largest nonferrous scrap metal processors in the country, this enables company to be extremely competitive on both the purchasing and sales end.
Company specializes in the purchasing of most nickel alloys and stainless steel solids & turnings. The company is extremely competitive in purchasing uniform lots of unsegregated nickel alloys and is also a purchaser of several grades of aluminum alloy solids and turnings. Company mainly deals in many "hi-temp" and "exotic alloys".
Company has recently started to expand their aluminum department, and plans to continue that in the future. Although the company business has been grown, their work ethic and commitment to its customers has remained the same. This is Thalheimer Brothers reputation.