The E J Bartells Co


E. J. Bartells was established in 1923 by Edwin J. Bartells as a refractory brick distribution company selling to industrial customers in the Pacific Northwest. The company vision is to sell better products and services creating value to their customers and building a profitable, lasting company for themselves and their employees.
E. J. Bartells is a full service organization giving material sales and distribution, construction services and fabrication of specialty products. The company is the West's leading sales and Installation Company for high quality insulation, refractory and HVAC products in the commercial and industrial market. 
E. J. Bartells presently has over 400 employees at 9 locations in Washington, Oregon, Montana, Utah, Colorado and Alaska.  These locations serve over 12,000 customers with the most complete offering of thermal acoustical energy saving products and services.  The company sales and service representatives are the most highly trained in the industry and are dedicated and committed to providing dependable, efficient customer service. The company sales, warehouse, administrative and management employee works hard to offer the highest quality, consistent and un-compromised technical support to get their customers' needs. 
E. J. Bartells is the West's top distributor of insulation, refractory and HVAC products and services, operating 9 Branches in the Northwest U.S., serving 12,000 customers with 400,000 square feet of warehouse space. Their various product lines and product suppliers supply a full range of thermal and acoustical energy management demands. E. J. Bartells will properly install materials to stand up to careful service demands, including both ends of the thermal spectrum, ultraviolet exposure, weather and areas of physical violence.
The company has most highly skilled work force, estimating, administrative and project management personnel in the industry, the company can meet the needs of the most demanding insulation systems and applications. The scope of projects they have completed range from small to multi-million dollar projects. Their services, products and capabilities to get customer project requirements The E. J. Bartells Insulation Contracting Group uses strong local industry experience with regional emphasis to service customers' mechanical insulation and energy management requirements on maintenance, annual repair shutdowns and small to large sized commercial and industrial projects.