Traffic & Lighting Systems Inc


Traffic & Lighting Systems (TLS) is very experienced with complicated installation of all technologies associated with today's advanced traffic management systems.
The state of the art in transportation engineering has advanced dramatically over the last 10 years and the application of new and more flexible traffic control devices, software systems, computer hardware, communications and surveillance technologies has become more common.
Most of the metropolitan areas have created traffic management centers (TMC) with closed-circuit television cameras, traffic and weather sensors, dynamic message signs, and signal systems that monitor and manages traffic flow on streets and highways and as information is received at the TMC, travellers are informed of problems via radio, television, the internet, and by dynamic message signs along the roadways.
TLS has more than 25 years of experience in installing continuous highway lighting and street lighting. Projects have ranged from standard 40 ft. luminaries to high mast structures up to 200 ft. in height. Safety lighting is installed at intersections, merging roadways, pedestrian walkways, and parking lots. This system have installer experienced in airport runway lights, river navigation lights, and athletic field lighting.
TLS is aware of the goals and needs of the client and the project and is having experienced project managers and field managers to achieve it. TLS is on call for clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week; 365 days a year.
TLS maintain a fleet of equipment and trucks to provide effective and efficient service to the clients.
TLS has the reputation of working with companies like Transcore Inc., Duit Construction Co, Sherwood Construction Co, Jimmie Austin Regional Airport etc., doing services like electronic toll coll, in stallion of electric, telephone, poles and all types of wirings and signals and also installed conduct, pull boxes, runway lighting and airport improvements.
TLS provides the highest quality of service that consistently meets client expectations and maintain highest level of professional integrity. TLS recognizes that success in all activities is related directly to the talents, dedication, and performance of the employees.