Tri-State Express Inc


Tri-State Express, Inc. began in 1978 with the efforts of Keith and Kaye Earles and was originally known as Tri-State Air Cargo Inc. (air cargo Cartage Company that provided transportation services tailored to the air freight industry). In 1990, the company expanded into the LTL (less than truckload) motor freight market and adopted its present name, Tri-State Express, Inc. (TSX) a year later.

From its modest beginnings and staff of six employees, TSX's fleet, territory, values, and quality of service has grown consistently with headquarters at Huntington, West Virginia, the company has strategically placed terminals in Ohio, West Virginia and Kentucky. Dedicated associates provide flexibility and customization that exceed customer expectations on a daily basis, due credit goes to courteous drivers as well as its customer service department who ensure customer freight is loaded with care and makes it to its final destination, on time, every time.

The regional motor freight carrier continued to expand to surrounding states and now TSX delivers 95% of the area next day while offering nationwide service to the continental United States through an efficient partnership system of carefully selected, professional, quality carriers.  Tri-State Express, Inc. has implemented a centralized customer service department in May 2004 which handles tracing, pickup logging, document requests, and other functions as needed by the client. This helps the service center staff to concentrate on keeping freight moving through the system  

Tri-State Express, Inc. is a district centered carrier that is able to provide one-on-one service that others fall short of. They have record business return from their loyal customers because of the personable manner in which their representatives deal with the customers which is safe, superior and tagged as quality. This freight service has safety standards and strict compliance is maintained for ISO9000 quality standards; among the first motor freight carriers to receive ISO registration; TSX has adhered to these practices since 1998.   

Dependable, next-day delivery is provided between most points served directly by an extensive network of service centers and TSX also offers guaranteed, expedited, residential, truckload and dedicated services to fit all possible transportation needs, be it individual or bulk orders. The company assures a one call convenience to all its centralized customer service representatives for enquiries on flexible options- a unique feature that furthers its goal of friendly, fast, courteous and dependable service.