Triumvirate Environmental Inc.


Triumvirate Environmental is a full-service environmental management firm headquartered in eastern Massachusetts. The company serving the environmental and hazardous waste needs of clients throughout the northeast in the areas of life sciences, education, healthcare, industrial and utilities. Triumvirate Environmental is the industry leader in personalized service and they we have corporate divisions committed and dedicated to serving each of the above industries. They have dedicated staff specializing in these areas. Triumvirate Environmental is the expert in these industries and has become the trusted name.

The company provides the best customer service and operational efficiency to their clients, Triumvirate Environmental hires top industry professionals and one of their guiding principles explains their commitment to employee training, which they trust, leads to a commitment of quality. The company support training in all areas including regulations, computer applications, customer service skills and continuing education. The training that they provide their employees also includes wide training on transportation and equipment. The company firm owns and operates a full range of equipment, a fleet of vehicles and a transfer station in Vermont.

The company will work with customer from starting with the research stage through customer product development cycle to full-phase production to provide a safe work environment for their employees and guaranteed that customers are in compliance with environmental and safety regulations. If customer is interested in waste tracking and inventory, ask them about their examination program with Electronic Compliance Assessment Program.

Triumvirate Environmental can assists regardless of their size and services run customer scale of needs. Customer can rely on them to make their difficult job easier. The company gives services that include day to day waste management outsourcing, biosafety consulting, chemical moves for relocating facilities or laboratories, weekly lab packs, or radiation safety program development.

Triumvirate Environmental is the leader in providing environmental services to academic institutions. The company helps institutes of higher education as well as K-12 and preparatory schools. They use JCAHO practices to link environment of care standards to EPA, OSHA, DOT and state agencies. This results in the development of a complete plan from which to operate customer hospital or healthcare facility. Their customer, top priorities are: product quality, on-time delivery, excellent customer service and cost-competitiveness within customer market. The bottom line is to operate with the least amount of downtime in order to maximize production.