Turfco Transportation Inc.

By: Bubbajunk.com

The Turf Company was established in 1979. Company has dream of providing the highest quality turf grass products to landscapers and homeowners. Company has developed significantly, and now gives a greener life for people all over the Western United States.  

A Company founder, Darwin McKay, started The Turf Company with a small amount of land and some used equipment. Darwin McKay serve as president of the Turf Producers International, teach horticulture to students of Boise State University and help in the development and research of several types of new, revolutionary turf types. The Boise area has heard Darwin on local radio talk shows, offering advice on how to properly care for customer lawn. Company dedicated to a greener world and has constantly engaged in continuous improvement of their products and services and their turf crops are particularly cared for and nurtured. Company customers can build a new lawn, assured in the fact that each roll of turf grass from The Turf Company is disease and weed free. Company is so confident of their product that they guarantee customer will not find a finer turf grass anywhere!  

The Endura turf mixture of Dwarf Turf type tall Fescue grasses have been grown from selections of forage and pasture grasses that exhibit stability and strong point. Plant breeders due to the disease selected this species and insect resistance, the rugged, durable characteristics and survivability under severe conditions of heat, drought, poor soils, salt and shade. The number of varieties available has increased to approximately 150 with many more being tested.  

All of the varieties selected are non-spreading and grass will not occupy customer flowerbeds and lawn boarder areas.  Many people have installed ENDURATURF without the cost and work of installing lawn edging and listed below is a summary of the attributes a homeowner or commercial grounds keeper can expect from this Turf Type Tall Fescue turf grass.

ENDURATURF is: Drought Tolerant, Shade Tolerant, Adaptable to Low Quality Soils, Non-Invasive, Dense and Thick, Non-Thatch Forming, Dark Green, Traffic Tolerant, Deep Root System (4-6 ft.), Great Summer Color in High Heat, Dwarf (Slower Growing in cool months), Medium Leaf Width (Comparable to Bluegrass) The staff at The Turf Company, Inc, has specifically compiled this information for customer.